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Asian Journal of Biomaterial Research (AJBR), is a peer-reviewed publications of biomaterial research, intends to offer biomedical researchers with an open forum to publish important new research or outcome of study in field of biomaterial research. AJBR is welcomes submissions from authors worldwide. It publishes original research articles, review articles, short communication and letter to the editor. AJBR covers the latest developments in multidisciplinary areas of biology and biomedicine, and focuses on mechanistic studies at the molecular level. Manuscripts with innovative ideas and/or approaches that bridge different fields are considered with priority. The main subject areas include,

  • Biomedicine
  • Drug Delivery by biomacromolecule or biosystems or biocarriers etc.
  • Drug Targeting by biomacromolecule or biosystems or biocarriers etc.
  • Pharmacology of biomacromolecule or biosystems or biocarriers ¬†etc.
  • Cell biology of biomedicine
  • Developmental biology of biomedicine
  • Genetics involved in development of biomedicine
  • Immunology of biomedicine
  • Molecular biology in development of biomedicine
  • Protein science in development of biomedicine

The scope further includes in-vitro and in vivo behavior, chemical and biological modifications, and functional properties of biomacromolecule or biosystems or biocarriers etc, as well as development, structural including conformational studies, new analytical techniques, and relevant theoretical developments.

Manuscript Management System
  • Online submission
  • Open access
  • Fast pear review process
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