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Sep - October 2018  |  Vol: 4  |  Issue: 5
Determination of Bioavaibility of Cr, Co, Ne, Fe, Se, As, Pb From Sargassum Paniculatum

Quency C. Pedong1 and Karina Milagros R. Cui-Lim1,2*

1Department of Physical Sciences, College of Science,

2University Research and Development Services, University of Eastern Philippines, University Town,    Northern Samar, Philippines 6400


*Address for Corresponding author:

Karina Milagros R. Cui-Lim1

University of Eastern Philippines,

University Town, Northern Samar,

Philippines 6400



Objective: This study is about the determination of bioavailability of Cr, Co, Ni, Fe, Se, As and Pb and Nutritional content of Sargassum Paniculatum including crude fat, moisture, crude fiber, carbohydrates and protein analysis. Material and Method: Physical properties including boiling point, color, density, odor, and solubility test was also determined. As for chemical properties, ash content was also determined. Conclusion: The researcher recommends introducing more study on chemical properties, and continued study on the procedure in medical application.


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