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July - August 2018  |  Vol: 4  |  Issue: 4
Meropenem Loaded Pectin Microspheres for Colon Delivery

Tahseen Khan*  Ankur Vaidya, Ruhee Jain,

Bhagyoday Tirth Pharmacy College, Khurai Road, Sagar (MP) 470001


*Corresponding Author

Tahseen Khan

Assistant Professor

Bhagyoday Tirth Pharmacy College,

Khurai Road, Sagar (MP) 470001







Objective: The objective of present study is to prepare the meropenem loaded pectin microspheres. Material and Methods: Pectin microspheres were prepared by the method reported method with slight modification. Meropenem loaded pectin microspheres were prepared

by water/oil emulsion method. Meropenam loaded pectin microspheres were characterized by size and size distribution, morphology, SEM, Entrapment efficiency, In-vitro drug release in simulated gastric fluid of pH 1.2, Mixture of simulated gastric and intestinal fluid of pH 4.5, Simulated intestinal fluid of pH 6.8, Simulated intestinal fluid of pH 7.5 and Simulated colonic fluids of pH 7.5. Results: Meropenem loaded Pectin microspheres were prepared successfully by the selected method. Coating of Eudragit S-100 on pectin microspheres were done effectively. Pectin microsphere and Eudragit coated pectin microsphere were found spherical in optical and SEM microscopy. Surface of Pectin microsphere and Eudragit coated pectin microsphere were found smooth in SEM studied. Average particle size of pectin microsphere was found 10.24 µm Entrapment efficiency of both Pectin microspheres were found 70.25±2.04%. In-vitro release of meropenem from pectin microspheres was found 97.3% whereas from Eudragit coated pectin microspheres release 83.7% at 12hrs. Conclusion: The experimental results demonstrated that Eudragit S-100 help the drug to release in the colon by degrading its coating at pH 7 results in exposure of the pectin microspheres which on enzymatic influence and due to pH sensitive nature degraded and release the drug to the colon. Thus the Eudragit coated pectin microspheres have the potential to be used as a drug carrier for an effective colon-targeted delivery system. 


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