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Nov - Dec 2017  |  Vol: 3  |  Issue: 6
Formulation and Evaluation of Intranasal Microemulsion containing Rutin

*Sagar Kishor Savale

*Department of Pharmaceutics, R. C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Shirpur, MS, India

*Author for correspondence:

Mr. Sagar Kishor Savale,

Department of Pharmaceutics,

R. C. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical

Education & Research, Shirpur, 425405,

Dist. Dhule, Maharashtra State, India.

Mobile No: +91 9960885333.

Email ID:




Objective: Rutin-flavonoid-polyphenolic has gained attention in prevention of brain cancer. The low permeability of Rutin (RU) across the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) leads to its insufficient delivery which in turns result in low therapeutic index. Therefore, developing a novel approaches enhancing the CNS delivery of RU are required for the treatment of Cancer. The aim of this research work was to develop in Microemulsion (ME) loaded with RU, for CNS targeting. Method: Rutin (RU) is a poorly water soluble anticancer drug, with oral bioavailability is about 2 %. Microemulsion (ME) were fabricated by Vortexing technique. Oleic acid was used as oil. Tween 80 was employed as surfactant and Polyethylene glycol 400 was employed as co-surfactant. Conclusion: RU loaded ME for intranasal delivery are considered as promising vehicle for its targeting to CNS to treat the brain cancer.

Keywords: Intranasal delivery, Microemulsion, Brain targeting, Vortexing technique

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