Review Article

March-April 2017  |  Vol: 3  |  Issue: 2
Various Approaches Used For Colonic Drug Delivery System

Manoj Kumar Sharma, Neeraj Mishra*

Department of pharmaceutics, ISF College of pharmacy, Punjab technical university, Punjab, India.

*Address for Corresponding Author:

Dr. Neeraj Mishra

Department of pharmaceutics,

ISF College of Pharmacy, Ghal Kalan, Moga (PB)

Mobile No: 8054746714

Email ID:



Aim: The review article is aimed at understanding the various features of the different primary as well as potential novel pharmaceutical approaches used for colon targeted drug delivery systems for better therapeutic action without compromising on drug degradation and its low bioavailability. Colon specific drug delivery has gained immense importance not only for the treatment of local diseases associated with the colon but also as potential site for systemic delivery of therapeutic proteins and peptides. Material and method: Literatures and reports were taken from research articles published in various journals, data from different books and other online available literature. Results: This review article compares the different approaches to colon targeted drug delivery like pH and time dependent, prodrug, microbial triggered drug delivery, azo hydrogels, pressure controlled drug delivery, pulsatile drug delivery system, osmotic controlled drug delivery system, etc. Conclusion: The review provides a systematic discussion of various conventional, as well as relatively newer formulation approaches/technologies currently being utilized for the development of colon specific drug delivery system.

Keywords: Colon specific drug delivery system, Advantages, Approaches.


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