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Sep - October 2018  |  Vol: 4  |  Issue: 5
Molluscicidal Effect of TUBA-TUBA (JatrophacurcasLinn) Extracts on Golden Apples Nail (Pomacea canaliculata Lamarck)

Jely L. de Pedro1 and Abel Alejandro U. Flores, Jr.1,2*

1Department of Biological Sciences, College of Science

2University Research and Development Services, University of Eastern Philippines, University Town,

 Northern Samar, Philippines 6400


Address for Corresponding author:

University Research and Development Services,

University of Eastern Philippines, University Town, Northern Samar, Philippines 6400




Objective: This experimental research primarily aimed to determine the molluscicidal effect of“tuba-tuba”(Jatrophacurcas Linn) on golden apple snail(Pomaceacanaliculata Lamarck) using extracts from the leaves, nuts, roots, and bark of the experimental plant. Material and Methods: Experimental evidence shows“tuba-tuba”leaf extract was able to attain a 100% mortality rate after 180 minutes of observation time, thus, was considered comparable to the commercial preparation (Porsnail®) and is therefore, the most effective part of the plant as a molluscicide. This claim is borne out by a one-way ANOVA and confirmed by the Scheffe’s test. It was also shown that the extracts affected the internal organs of the test animals, which manifested perforation of reproductive organs, inflamed intestine and collapsed lungs. Other manifestations of toxicity observed were spittle formation (salivation)and poor balance. Conclusion: Based on the findings, it is concluded that “tuba-tuba” was effective against the golden apple snail, with the leaves being the part of the pant whose extract was most effective as a molluscicide, although other parts were also found to also have molluscicidal effect; the root and nut extracts however, were not significantly different in its effects with the negative control. The gross effect of the plant extracts was manifest destruction of the snail’s internal organs. It is recommended that future research should focus on evaluating the efficacy of mature nuts, its minimum lethal concentration and the phytochemical analysis of the plant extracts.

KEYWORDS: Molluscicidal effect, tuba-tuba extract, Jatrophacurcas, Pomaceacanaliculata


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